Sad true cheater story


Sad but true cheater story

She come back home from work walking. Always same street. One day it started to rain very hard, and she get completely wet. A stranger, a handsome one, appears with an umbrella, inviting her to enter his home to dry herself with a towel. He had a big collection of antiques and books. From time to time, she visited him, to drink a cup, chat, and see some antiques. One day it ends in bed. This lady was married, and her family started to notice some changes. She wanted freedom, space for herself. She started to come late. So, her husband paid a detective to follow her. He cant believe the pictures. She was a true cheater. But he decided to wait, maybe everything ends soon, never happened, she continued with the stranger. One day, the husband found a gift, from the other one. He Ask her about but she lied. He waits till she leave then check into her pc, there was profile open. Now he knows everything then went to the stranger’s house. Found the key below the welcome carpet and enter. There he found a lot of antiques similar to the gift and obviusly a PC with also open :S. When the stranger come back home found her husband, and they started to fight. The husband hits the stranger with an antique then he died. Actually the husband is in jail, and the wife lives alone and sometimes try
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About true cheater


A cheater can marry, but most of them will continue cheating. There are many factors involved in the psychology of it, or the causes of it. You can be a hot sexy lady married, receiving a lot of sexual offers. You can try to resist, to reject most of them. But there will be some offers you can not reject. You can be a married man, who loves your wife, trying to avoid being attracted for those sexy girls on the beach, walking on the streets, in your office. But sometimes the attraction is too hard to resist. Or the opposite, you are not trying to resist, but you are looking for some sex outside your marriage. If you are one of them, our articles will be interesting for you. We will discus the ways to cheat, to avoid being catched, the best websites to do searches or find another people like you, the better ways to protect your privacy, etc.
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Welcome cheater, this site is for you. Are you a young woman too hot to belong to just a man? Are you a young man with an insatiable sexual appetite? Or maybe you are not so young, but your spirit needs some adventure. Are you a Milf? I personally know some women in their 40s or 50s you cant stop watching them. You can even get in love with them. All married, but who knows, maybe they are cheaters. I know also men in their 60s who get sex with girls in their 20s. We are in the XXI century, anything is valid now. The better ways to cheat without being catched, the better websites, it all will be covered here. If you are interested in the psychological aspect of your behavior, we will write some articles about it too. reviews just here.
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